Question by  Hannible (67)

How can I build muscle tone?

I have no muscle tone now.


Answer by  lonelywolf (2117)

You have to do two things, in this order: Lift heavy weights to build up your muscles size, and then when your muscles are the size you want, diet down to get below 10 percent body fat. Muscle tone is caused by low body fat and strong muscles.


Answer by  knightmare (1231)

Weight lifting and diet will build muscle. Muscle tone is really just the building of muscle and decrease of fat. Find a good workout program that you can do at home or in a gym, too many to list here, and make sure to eat a lot of protein after your workout and throughout the day.


Answer by  robo175 (44)

We all have muscles however most of us have fat covering up those muscles. Everyone has a six pack, of course most of us have fat covering up those abs. To get muscle tone and definition cardio exercises work best at burning fat such as: running, swimming, aerobics, and zumba to name a few :)


Answer by  notto (73)

A well-toned appearance is a combination of low body fat and well-built muscles. Combine sustained exercise, such as running or swimming, with a weight-lifting program.


Answer by  Russell (5)

To build muscle your body will need nutrients. The main building block of muscle is protein. You can get lean protein from meats like chicken or tuna. Also toning exercises. Use small easy to lift weights and perform many reps, instead of heavy weights only a few times. expect results in a month.


Answer by  mogihumtusin1 (71)

Through diet and exercise. Go to the gym and lift weights it'll sure build your muscle tone. Look for the gym professional is the best way.


Answer by  HRQ (14)

To build up muscle tone you have to work with less weight and do more reps. Good cardio exercises are swimming and jogging. Remember to build up muscle tone you need a good diet plus exercise. You can drink protein shakes too. For arms, use light weight for example 4lb and do upward and downward motion.

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