Question by  thisisacoverup (15)

Will doing push ups help increase muscle gain?

I want to build muscle in my chest and arms.


Answer by  DevoutCatalyst (441)

Push ups are a good place to start and will definitely build muscle. Make sure you are eating enough protein and make sure you push yourself to the failure point every set. That means forcing that last one when your arms are jelly.


Answer by  worker3742 (208)

Yes and no. Overtime you will become used to doing pushups. The benefits will decrease over time. Just because you can do 100 pushups doesn't mean you will bulk up.


Answer by  Gomethras (61)

Yes, but in the long term, bench and military press variations would probably be a better choice since you can change the weight and the angle you work the muscles.


Answer by  benstac (1928)

Yes, any type of upper-body exercise will help with this. Another option is chin-ups or general weight lifting. If you don't have access to a gym, you can lift things at home or buy free weights.


Answer by  worker857333 (96)

Yes, doing push ups will help increase muscle gain to a certain point. But eventually you will have to start lifting weights if you want to make more substantial gains.

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