Question by  tsoucia (8)

How do you build muscle in a dog?

I want my dog to be strong.


Answer by  withluck (1745)

Dogs love building muscle! The exercises you choose should be dependent on the breed characteristics. Breeds that are built for running should love running with you, or taking long walks. Breeds that wear out quickly can take shorter walks and play tug-a-war. As with people, stressful exercise can cause injury.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

The conventional, and sensible way is regular play and exercise- you can check with a vet or breeder for tips and ideas, or the internet. Some owners use practices like chaining the dog with an excessively heavy chain, this is abuse and often used w/illegal fighting dogs.

Reply by elliott (1):
get a bicycle tire and put it on a washing line pole and leave the dog bite it  add a comment

Answer by  CJL (21)

Exercise would be the best way to build strength and endurance. Some ways you can do this is by playing in the yard, hiking in a park, or simply taking daily walks together. These are easy ways to keep your pet healthy and strong.


Answer by  StellaSerra (217)

You can play with your dog to increase muscle mass. Tug-o-war is like resistance training for canines. However, if you're more into fetch, throw the ball up an incline, making your pet work to retrieve it. Also, letting your dog romp around with other dogs will increase their physical strength.


Answer by  bb0603 (208)

I would say that the best way to build muscle in your dog and keep him healthy and strong is to make sure that your dog is getting plenty of exercise, and is not being over feed or being feed human food. These are the two main points to focus on. Exercise and eating the right food.


Answer by  smellycat22 (1129)

Exercise him by jogging, biking, hiking, Frisbee, swimming... etc to help build muscles (better result if you run on an inclined hill). Feed a high quality dog food. However, check with your veterinarian first before you start on any exercise program to prevent injury.

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