Question by  Carchick (17)

How can a kid look cute in middle school?

This is such an ugly awkward stage for kids - is it possible to look cute?


Answer by  pin (75)

wear neat & good ironed clothes. for girls give some lite makeups. Tie there hairs with colored ribbons & fancy hair clips. Good worked small vanity bags give cute looking.


Answer by  salina (943)

This is a hard stage for children in "trying to fit in" instead of focusing on the "look cute" stage ask your child what makes them feel good. Reinforce that looks aren't everything and focus more on the positive things your child shows. Best of Luck.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

There is an awkward phase in a child's life as they are about to hit puberty. All you can do is get them a cute hair cut and dress them nice. Just embrace your child for who they are and don't worry if they look ugly or not. It's just a phase.


Answer by  Anonymous

yea because im in da 7 th grade and its like school is a competition between the girls like about the makeup and your clothes but i just do me and keep moving. mother always told me to lead and not follow.,


Answer by  georgekutty (173)

Yes it is possible to look kids cute. First of all we must love kids,as our own child. And give good service to them. Give nutrition food to them,and Keep them neat and tidy.

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