Question by  Angelica (11)

Does the cooking method determine the number of calories in a chicken breast?

I'd like to prepare it with the least number of calories.


Answer by  pagan23 (1342)

The healthiest way to cook chicken is to grill it. Use spices on it that are not fatty and high in calories. Frying is the least healthy.


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

Yes, the way you prepare chicken can affect the amount of calories you consume. Grilled chicken will give you the least amount of calories in a chicken breast. Pan seared chicken is not bad calorie-wise either. The most unhealthy way to prepare a chicken breast is fried chicken, because the breading contains a lot of calories.


Answer by  LillProphetsMom (71)

It's not so much the method of cooking (unless you fry it) that determines the number of calories; it is what you put on it. One of the best ways is to either bake or grill chicken breasts with some olive oil, garlic powder and lemon juice.


Answer by  Kid (75)

If you grill it, it will have much less calories than frying it. Baking the chicken will also give you less calories than frying it. It all depends on what condiments and sauces you add to the chicken as well.


Answer by  Fawzi (22)

The cooking method does affect the amount of fat contained in chicken breast and therefore the caloric intake of your food.In order to lower calories make sure you remove most of the skin,try to do rostisserie,stewed or roasted which have 148 kcal,151 kcal and 165 kcal respectively.

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