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Question by  sammy81 (11)

Does proactive really work?

I would like to know if proactive really works.


Answer by  soothsayer (500)

Proactive is a combination of Benzoyl peroxide along with a skin lotion,toner and a revitalising mask. While benzoyl peroxide has proven anti-bacterial effect which may act against propionibacterium implicated in causing acne,the usefulness of the other 3 ingredients will be subjective. May be worth a try!


Answer by  kfwyatt (138)

Proactive seems to be a very effective program to help acne sufferers. Many people have had their acne completely vanish when following the Proactive treatment regimen properly. The program consists of a three product regimen, which for quality results, must be followed. The overall success rate of Proactive solution is very high.


Answer by  vineetha20 (120)

Proactive is a proven acne treatment system. It has been certified by millions of people all around the world. Many celebrities like Jennifer Berry,Kevin Kasper,Juliaane Hough are found to be using proactive. It has an oil free formula and helps to unclog pores and attack bacteria causing acne. For best resuls it should be used twicw daily.


Answer by  Taran (716)

Yes, it works, but may i tell u its a real pain to use, and u must use it as directed.. which takes about 10 minutes to apply when u do the 3 steps in order.. and u will run out of proactive pretty quickly if u use it as much as the bottle and instructions say.... but it works.

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