Question by  VibyMinto (13)

Does Medicaid cover braces?


Answer by  sue31 (9)

No medicaid does not cover braces. You would have to enlist the services of an orthodontist whom in many cases does not take any insurance at all. However if braces are needed due to an accident or birth deformity it may be covered.


Answer by  RBaumann02 (90)

Since Medicaid is a health insurance program that covers the poor, braces do not fall under its coverage area because braces are usually an expense undertaken for cosmetic reasons as opposed to a necessary health concern.


Answer by  CFERGY21 (49)

Yes, braces are covered for children only, usually under age 19. Medicaid policies do have max in which any amount over it, would be the patient responsibility. The orthodontic dentist must also be in the medicaid network. Each state has their own policy and limitations so you will need to check with your state.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

Medicaid does not cover braces because braces is a cosmetic procedure. You will have to finance the braces to be able to afford them.


Answer by  britt01 (292)

Medicaid only cover braces if it is medically necessary, like to fix a overbite or underbite. As for appearance reasons, no medicaid will not.

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