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Question by  slesplugas (4)

Does Florida Medicaid cover LapBand surgery?


Answer by  eatwrite (1559)

Only if the doctor said that it medically necessary. An example would be if your life dependent on that surgery. Sometimes if they can show that the surgery is cheaper than treating obesity.


Answer by  Ed123 (6)

Medicaid will cover any surgery if is life threating if you have heart problems and a surgery for losing weight is require to lower the chances of Death, than yes Medicaid does cover the fees. And in Florida,there were some Lapband surgery covered by Medicaid before.


Answer by  ram81 (5)

When taking up surgery, you have to tell the therapist that you have medicaid because the therapist has to be a medicaid provider and then they will accept it. Most therapist are not but some will accept.


Answer by  Ann89 (613)

In certain circumstances where the person is grossly overweight and the excess weight having an adverse effect on their daily activities.


Answer by  mtzuk (9)

No, Florida Medicaid does not pay for Lap band surgery, at least this what I know. This is a misconception that a lot of people have. Florida Medicaid provides assistance to low income people and that is no use for us, who pay each month income and taxes for our health.

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