Question by  secretme (1)

Does a petechial rash under a baby's eyes mean that she's has been choked or hurt by someone?

She had the rash under her eyes, bruises and blood blisters on her face. She has black eyes lately, too! Really bad ones! My sister is always at work and I don't know who watches the baby.


Answer by  malone (4817)

Ask your sister what is going on. If you don't get a satisfactory response, notify the authorities of your concerns. They will investigate.


Answer by  CJ98 (127)

Yes, it sounds as if the baby has been hurt by someone. You need to take to your sister and get CPS involved.


Answer by  pounces (16)

This baby needs to be taken to the doctor asap. The doctor will be able to tell if anything is wrong.


Answer by  andrea53 (5)

It could be just an allergic reaction but it is also possible she could had been badly hurted. The main fact in this case is to make sure the baby is properly cared and its also important the baby age to consider her physical activity during the day cause she might be in risk of falling permanently and get hurt.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

Not necessarily. Petechial rash can be cause by long coughing spells, choking on something, or vomiting. I would consult a doctor to be sure.

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