Question by  Di43 (8)

Does a Miraclesuit really make you look slimmer?


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

Miraclesuits are made to make you look slimmer, of course. It really depends on your personal opinion whether or not you look slimmer. It might be a minimal amount of slimming, or it could be a lot.


Answer by  urbanlova (34)

Miracle suit will tighten up the fat that hangs over jeans or bras or other tight articles of clothing, smoothing out rolls of fat and thus making one appear slimmer.


Answer by  Brian71 (82)

Yes they do, the way these suits work is that they have a certain build style that in fact makes it so that you are skinner by forcing you to wear tighter clothes and thus suck in your stomach.


Answer by  Christy34 (17)

Yes, a Miraclesuit really makes you look slimmer by proportioning your extra weight to make it look smooth and without the large bumps that usually make you look unsightly and frumpy.

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