Question by  lluki3a (2)

Do you have any suggestions for a 17 year old looking for a job?

I need a job any job i am 17 and I don't go back to school until January what should I do?


Answer by  ruth (407)

Write a resume that lists everything you have done, paper routes, babysitting, volunteering.... Explain why you are not returning to school so your employer knows you are not dropping out.


Answer by  Teri (27)

You should go to local strip malls and shopping centers. Look for stores that have "Now Hiring" signs in the window, ask for an application, fill it out and return it. Apply to as many places as you can.


Answer by  bibiuser (85)

If you're able to get a job interview, let the employer know that you are EAGER to work. Tell them what a great asset you will be! Ask your friends/family and any church members you may know about possible job openings. Most job opportunities are not advertised.


Answer by  Jeff26 (31)

Drivers for furniture companies need people to help them to carry mattresses and sofas into customers houses. When applying, a simple call will do. If they say that they are not currently hiring be sure to leave your name and number. Employers love ambition.

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