Question by  prabhu (17)

What are some good job options for a 16 year old?

I would like to get a job so that I can buy some things for myself.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

At 16, you need to be prepared to start at the bottom. Work in fast food, or at a local ice cream shop. Another option would be to work in the day care at gyms, that way you could build a relationship with clients and maybe get a babysitting job as well.


Answer by  Oz (67)

Jobs for 16 year olds are limited and hard to find. Think about babysitting or doing yard work for neighbors. Offer to walk a neighbor's dog. Try fast food places or grocery stores as well. If possible, use this time to invest in your future: volunteer!


Answer by  Ferret (118)

I would try fast food places. It's a good first job for someone as young as you, and they are used to having younger people there. If you want someplace with a little more relaxed environment than Burger King, I would reccommend Subway. The rushes are never really that bad, and the food is good.

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