Question by  AvengedCrow (2)

If I was asked to resign, should I put it on my job application?

I was asked to resign from my job 3 years ago for missing a meeting I was supposed to go to, and I haven't had a job since. Should even put the job on my job applications?


Answer by  SarahBrowne (43)

You should put the job on your resume. Highlight the positive things that you accomplished on the job and state only that you resigned. Most companies will not reveal details of terminations for fear of law suits. Your biggest challenge will be explaining why you quit without having another position without making negative remarks about your former employer.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

I think it depends on how long you were at that position and what you gained there. If it was an important position for your career and relevant to what you are looking for than you shouldn't skip it.


Answer by  uncleal (81)

I would not put it on my job application. If you do, you may not get in the door and get a chance to explain yourself. Your goal for a job application is to sell yourself well enough to get an interview. At the interview you can then make your pitch.

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