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Question by  diva (168)

What is a flash burn from welding?

My friend has a flash burn from welding.


Answer by  tml (538)

A flash burn is essentially a burn injury due to the high heat intensity on exposed skin. The flash is momentary, but it is intense enough to give off sufficient heat to cause an injury. The amount of injury will depend on the heat intensity and amount of exposure.


Answer by  gigantes117 (92)

Flash burn is when skin tissue is exposed to ultraviolet radiation and is damaged or burned. In your friend's case, the part of his skin tissue that was burned was most likely his eyes. He was most likely not wearing protective eye wear and in a sense got a sun burn of the eyes.


Answer by  RRGKK (412)

A welding flash burn occurs when the skin or eyes are left exposed during welding. The most painful is burning of the eyes. The heat and light produced are tremendous.


Answer by  John (9008)

A flash burn is a burn caused by an intense burst of heat of short duration. If someone gets one from welding, it probably means that their body passed under the flame of their welding torch. Flash burns tend to be severe, but with less danger of infection.

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