Question by  Cashya (14)

What are treatments for a weld burn in the eyes?


Answer by  davidu (20)

A potato, yes im serious, cut a potato in half and place the cut end over your closed eye. leave it on as long as you can and will do wonders. I have worked in a welding shop for 13 years and I know this works. also any moisturizing eye drop will help lubricate and soothe the burn.

posted by Anonymous
this works I went to sleep last night fine after getting weld burn to the eyes (not even direct sight to the arc put the potato on both eyes and a few hours later was fine and repeated this a few times until i felt great  add a comment

Answer by  craft (52)

Well in my metal sheet fabrication factory a lot of welding is done and even with all the precautions my welders and even other worker get weld burn. Inorder to treat the eyes i provide them with ROSE WATER. Rinse the eyes with rose water or put some in a cup and place it on the eye.


Answer by  RoseSharma (21)

Immediate first aid should be given in this case else it might lead to permanent blindness. The first step should be to sprinkle chilled water in the eyes and when the patient gains conscious,apply some ointment around the eyes (NOT INSIDE THE EYES! ) that may relief the patient from burning sensation of the injury. Consult doctor if pain persists.


Answer by  PooBear (341)

Keep eyes moist, closed and covered with a damp cloth and see a doctor as soon as possible. Weld burns can cause ulcers and infections and need to be treated by a trained physician. If you don't have an opthamologist, go to an emergency room for treatment and ask for the name of a good eye doctor.

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