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Question by  Benji34 (4)

Do they still make Birkenstock sandals?

I remember them being very popular about 20 years ago.


Answer by  lisasimpson (148)

Yes, you can totally buy Birkenstock sandals today! They are just as comfortable as you remember, too. But here's the thing. If you buy some Birkenstocks, PLEASE don't wear them with socks!!!!


Answer by  Sett (1838)

Yes they still make Birkenstock sandals. They have changed since 20 years ago, now they have many different colors and designs, also they have improved the sole of the Birkenstock and made it more form fitting and cushioned for the foot.


Answer by  alz (2329)

Yes, they do still make Birkenstock sandals. They are very comfortable, but they are associated with hippies and "granola" rather than being stylish and hip. I would choose a different type of sandal unless that is the look that you are going for. I am not a big fan of Birkenstocks.

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