Question by  sweeny (15)

Do rabbit's ears molt?


Answer by  JimIngram (115)

Rabbit's ears do not molt. Rabbits can go through the molting process one or more times per year, depending on the species. Rabbits will undergo the molting process for the same reason as other mammels. This process aids them in regulating their body temperatures during a particular season.


Answer by  lizrom59 (12)

Rabbit's ears do not molt because they are permanently attached to their bodies. The ears have muscle and ligaments connecting them to the head of the rabbit. An animal that does molt is a bird when it has too many feathers and they fall off.


Answer by  LeeAnn (67)

Rabbits molt four times a year. Some molt quickly with an entire body shed while others start shedding at the head and then gradually down the rest of its body.


Answer by  ldonovan7 (54)

Rabbits ears can molt, just as the rest of their body. It is believed by some that you can lessen molting with a good, vitamin rich diet and proper grooming.


Answer by  Colemanbunny (231)

Rabbit's ears molt like the rest of their bodies. This should occour no more than twice a year. If scabs occur this is not molting but ear mites.

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