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Question by  brihans (5)

Do I have to separate Panda Bear Hamsters before and after mating?

I hear different things.


Answer by  NatalieS (14)

Yes. Panda Bear hamsters are actually black banded Syrians. Hamsters are typically solitary animals and after breeding, the female may become extremely aggressive toward the male. Once born, if not separated, infanticide (killing the babies by a parent) is common if you do not separate the two: the male will kill babies in order to trigger estrus in the female.


Answer by  nursepractitionerlisa (793)

Panda bear hamsters do not like to socialize much so should be separated. Be sure to practice responsible breeding. Hamsters should only be bred at certain intervals to prevent maternal strain.


Answer by  sharonl (250)

Hamsters like to live alone. After they are done mating, the female will attack the male until he is dead or out of her territory. They can be quite brutal. The female will also start attacking the babies when they are weaned. Mine started attacking them when they were 4 weeks old


Answer by  jm1982 (57)

As long as there is only one male you should not have to seperate the two before mating, however, after the mother hamster gives birth the father will have to be removed from the cage as they are known to consume the babies.


Answer by  betbird (83)

if the female appears aggressive then they should be separated for 3-4 days after mating, you can feel safe with the male and female together before mating as long as the animals are ok with each other.

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