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Question by  ChrstopherJ (25)

How do you care for a panda bear hamster?


Answer by  nursepractitionerlisa (793)

A panda bear hamster needs many of the same things as regular hamsters. It must have clean food, water and bedding. It like to socialize a bit. Keep males and females apart to prevent overbreeding.


Answer by  jm1982 (57)

The care of a panda bear hamster is the same as any other type of hamster. The term Panda bear refers to the coloring of the animal. Basic care is a adequate cage for him with plenty of fresh water and food always available, and an exercise wheel to keep him occupied.


Answer by  fiuinha (82)

Put them in quiet and fresh (not cold) areas. Buy proper food and give them small portions of vegetables and fruits 2/3 times a week. Provide them a wheel or transparent ball for exercise.These hamsters are very egocentric and in the presence of other males and babies they will kill.


Answer by  NatalieS (14)

Premier Pet pine bedding is great for these guys, they like to nest. I use Nutriphase hamster food, a hanging water bottle, nd a glass cage with a well-ventilated lid.


Answer by  jrod (206)

These types of hamsters prefer to be alone so it's best to get them toys and an exercise wheel. Don't bother it while it's sleeping.


Answer by  betbird (83)

you should treat your hamster just like any other hamster, feed it well and make sure it has space to exercise and has waters.

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