Question by  jones (44)

Do dogs have belly buttons?

I have never seen one on a dog, but I didn't know for sure.


Answer by  Angela17 (697)

Yes they do. They're usually only seen as a small scar in the midline of the abdominal skin. Dog fetuses, like other mammals, have an umbilical cord which tears during birth.


Answer by  markochiguegmailcom (514)

Dogs and man are both mammals. Dogs have belly buttons too, but you really have to look for it on their bellies because the scar or protruding skin tissue is hard to distinguish from the fur.


Answer by  M85 (172)

A dog is a placental mammal and thus it does have a belly button (navel) although it is not as easy to see as in humans.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

Thanks for the interesting question! Canines have an umbilical cord which tears out during birth. Their belly button does not look like one on a human being. Look for the appearance of a small scar in the middle of the abdominal skin.

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