Question by  teeyah (22)

How many years of school do you need for a psychology degree?

I am thinking about going back to school.


Answer by  ewam (403)

A good psychologist at least needs eight years of schooling to get their degree. But I've heard of multiple people going to school for four more years to perfect their skills.


Answer by  h2ocean (21)

A University bachelor of arts degree is typically 3-4 years, a Master's Degree another 2 years, and a PhD another 3-5 years. Some schools have combined programs that you skip the Master's degree and go straight to PhD, taking 5-6 years. Clinical psychology takes longer than other disciplines within psychology


Answer by  olive8 (911)

To get a bachelor of arts in psychology you will need either your high school diploma, or a passing GRE score, and typically four years of college at a university. Depending on the number of units you take, you may take longer or shorter to achieve your degree. You must also meet the requirements of the major.

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