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Question by  jmo (89)

Could using the computer all day cause shoulder and arm pain?

I have noticed that the more I use my computer the more pain I have in my arm.


Answer by  noey1958 (1405)

Yes the repetitive motion can cause muscle strain. Try to change your posture. Try to adjust the height of your computer chair. If you are using your laptop on a bed try using a desk instead. You can also adjust the angle of the screen or height of the screen.


Answer by  tbird16 (153)

Absolutely. Ergonomically correct computers and equipment such as chairs can help, however if you are on the computer for many hours a day, it can cause all kinds of body aches as well as difficulty with vision


Answer by  Karen54 (971)

You could have the beginnings of carpal tunnel syndrome. Try adjusting the height of your keyboard; adding a gel wrist support; adjusting the height and pitch of your chair; sitting forward with both feet flat on the floor. Get up every hour or so and move around to loosen muscles.


Answer by  Gunrunner (561)

Yes, extensive use of a computer can cause repetitive motion injuries known as "Repetitive Strain Injurys" (RSI), or a Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD). These injuries are commonly known as tendinitis and bursitis. There are also studies which suggest that extensive computer use coupled with improper typing posture can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the hands and wrists.


Answer by  jw4hd (11)

Yes, because the static position of body parts causes blood to pool in areas of the body that it normally would not, causing discomfort.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Absolutely I work at home on the computer all day every day and down the left side of my neck and shoulder ans well as my left hand an arm hurt like crazy some days its caused from prolonged sitting in one position and the way you are holing your head while you are sitting there it pulls muscles.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

Yes, it has to do with how you're sitting and how much reaching and moving you do. Stretching periodically and adjusting your workspace can help.

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