Question by  Ralph (30)

What kind of arm pain is associated with a heart attack?

Why does your heart make your arm hurt?


Answer by  cindy (1484)

A heart attack causes pain in the left arm which is on the same side as the heart. The pain is radiating to this nearby location due nerve interaction.


Answer by  penelope1616 (58)

The pain one feels when having a heart attack is due to the arteries that run through the arm and travel to the heart. When a victim feels pain in his arm it usually begins in the chest and will often travel to the arm and other parts of the bodies.


Answer by  sexysassyshapely (18)

Your left arm hurts because it is the closest to your heart and your heart is a muslc that generally cannot hurt. It has a different nervous system that doesnt have the capabilities to deistinguish between the pain locations. The left arm and the chest wall share the same nerve. The pain can also spread to your jaw or tooth.


Answer by  Travis404607 (3916)

Usually, arm pain associated with a heart attack is either right or left. The pain is normally associated with the upper arm. The reason for this pain is because it is reciprical pain in arteries. Blood pressure raises during a heart attack, and this is where major vessels are.

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