Question by  Pioneer (22)

Could I have broken my thumb by slamming it in the car door?


Answer by  michmich2 (195)

Of course. If you can move and bend the thumb, it is probably not broken. If it hurts to much to move, is unable to move normally, is excessively swollen, or you can feel abnormal lumps or bumps in the thumb, it may be broken and you should see a doctor to get an x-ray.


Answer by  John (9008)

It is possible. Any blunt force, such as a slamming car door, can break a bone like the thumb. The only way to tell for certain is to be examined by a doctor, and even he may need x-rays. If the bone is broken, it is vital that you get treatment right away.


Answer by  thom0045 (350)

If any great amount of force comes down on a person's thumb, it could break and a slamming car door is considered to have a great amount of force. Of course, a doctor would need to confirm this, but if the thumb is discolored and is very painful, it is likely broken.


Answer by  Scot (591)

It is entirely possible to have broke a thumb by slamming it in a car door. One sure sign may be that you cannot move the thumb. On the other hand, depending upon the pressure applied by the car door, the thumb may only be fractured. If so, it will also need to be set in a brace.


Answer by  sherryk (621)

yes. Get it check out by a doctor.

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