Question by  perapera (20)

Could a pain in the knee be a bone infection in my femur?


Answer by  dkulze (160)

Although it could be an infection, this is highly unlikely. There are many moving parts and connections in the knee and it is more likely inflamation or tissue damage.


Answer by  genuis2010 (123)

Sometimes, pain can be radiating, which means felt at a distance from the original location of fection in the femur can present as pain in knee.Check with your Doctor.


Answer by  worker4995 (10)

No i am also having knee pain because of over weight. Every one advised to me to reduce the weight i am trying to reduce my weight. I hope that after reducing weight my pain will come down


Answer by  Atomicrayon (2504)

It indeed could be. A friend of mine had a infection in his collar bone a few years back, which he had originally thought was just pain induced from football. I would go see my local doctor if i was you and ask him personally, this seems serious. You may try icy hot pads in the mean time.

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