Question by  sillymama (13)

What do I do about crunching and pain in the knee after a femur break?

I am trying to get back into exercising, but the pain and noise make me worried.


Answer by  benjiross (993)

You need to get seen by an orthopedic surgeon immediately. The crunching and pain at the knee means that your knee joint has a problem like a small fracture or tear or is damaged for some reason.


Answer by  ellie61 (478)

I would strongly advise seeing a physiotherapist. Returning to exercise after an injury is something which should be done carefully and under the supervision of a medical professional who should be able to provide suitable exercises until you are ready to return to your normal regime.


Answer by  bash (1026)

You should not do any exercise as you wish because you have crunching and pain in the knee. you should start with some mild exercise in consultation with a qualified trainer. You may join in a good gymnasium and do some exercise suiting to your present condition of your knee. Gradually, after improvement and return to normalcy, you may proceed.

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