Question by  puppiesarebabies (18)

Could a dogs rash be the result of allergies?

My dog has a rash all over his stomach, it is similar to a poison ivy rash on humans.


Answer by  mmn (369)

It may be a result of exposure to an irritant or seasonal allergies. Many dogs are allergic to types of molds, grasses, or even food. It is undoubtedly itchy and irritating to your dog. If untreated, it may spread or develop a secondary bacterial infection.


Answer by  worker7654 (1033)

Yes many dogs have skin allegies and this can cause severe rashes all over their bodies or just in certain parts of the body. Some dogs are allergic to wool but dogs are not usually allergic to poison ivy so that is not probably the cause of the rash on the belly.


Answer by  worker3384 (157)

A lot of dogs develop allergies just like humans. Some can be allergic to the dyes and preservatives found in commercial dog food. You would be best to take your dog to the vet so that they can take a skin sample, it is a painless procedure.


Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

Most dogs are not affected by poison ivy. Your dog may have psoriasis or it could be fleas. Try bathing your dog with a sensitive skin shampoo. See if you can have your dog leave the rash alone until it clears up. If is persists consult your vet.

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