Question by  Nick65 (22)

What food allergy causes a rash?

I just started getting the rash. I did not think I was allergic to anything.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

There are many food allergies that cause a rash the only way to know for sure is to consult a physician for some testing. Many berries can cause a rash. Exposure to certain plants such as poison oak or ivy can also cause similar symptoms.


Answer by  deforestgarcia (12)

There is no specific food that causes a rash. Some people break out into hives, a rash, or have other side effects after being affected by a food allergy.


Answer by  Aleksandra90 (62)

You can not find a cure for food allergy rash. In order to prevent the need to make regular allergy tests so you'll see the type of food you are allergic. The most common foods that causes such a reaction are eggs, milk, wheat, seafood, and peanuts.


Answer by  BriggyGal (153)

There are lots of different allergies that will produce a rash if you ingest the food you're allergic to. Visit your doctor for an allergy test.

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