Question by  answerer (24)

What can I do about a clogged nostril as a result of my dog allergies?


Answer by  rayven8099 (199)

Antihistamines are found in many over the counter allergy and cold medicines. A product with an antihistamine and a nasal decongestant should help to relieve the symptoms associated with the allergic reaction. Prescription allergy medications may be necessary for those with higher sensitivities to the allergens. It may be necessary to take antibiotics to get rid of any infection.


Answer by  dryuha (735)

You can try and take some antihistamines for example piriton to minimise the allergic rhinitis as a result of dog allergy.


Answer by  colo22 (278)

Over the counter relief can be found in decongestants (reduce swelling in nose) or antihistamines. The doctor can provide prescriptions for sprays or stronger meds. Also keep dogs off of the bed where you sleep, as well as filter the air and clean well.


Answer by  mycsn (25)

You can give your dog some Benadryl. As a rule, you can give 1 to 2 mg of children's Benadryl for each pound your dog weighs (i.e. if you have a 3 lb dog, you may give it between 3 and 6 mg).


Answer by  DanielleK (535)

There are several anit-allergy medications that are available without a precription from your local pharmacy or grocery store. If the problem persists, you can see a doctor and he may be able to prescribe something stronger to help with your clogged sinus.


Answer by  kither04 (28)

Somebody who experiences this personally I have found a great and cheap solution. I get the nasal saline wash at the drugstore an use it year round. Never clogged again!


Answer by  Bennifer (42)

There are many treatments for indoor allergies such as pet dander, including over-the-counter mediccations including 24-hour pills and nose sprays. Also, investing in a humidifier may lessen the effects of the allergy.


Answer by  Salena (93)

You can actually do a few things. The first thing you can do is get some over the counter allergy pills. That will help alot, but if you dont want to take lots of pills, consult a doctor for more effective treatments.


Answer by  G12345 (1808)

The best thing to do would be to avoid dogs, but baring that make sure they don't go in your bedroom and try nasonex spray for you allergic rhinnitis.


Answer by  ParrotPirate (477)

Having a similar situation with cats, I typically use over the counter decongestants tablets, and saline nasal spray. Saline spray is basically sterile salt water used to hydrate the mucus membranes inside the nose.

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