Question by  prasanthi (56)

Can you use soapy water to kill fungus and gnats?


Answer by  rohitraj04yahoomailcom (72)

yes we can use soapy water to kill fungus and gnats. If we apply warm soapy water on these fungus and gnats , these microorganisms die due to the presence of chemical elements in soapy water. You can scour the infected area with the soap and water solution to prevent their growth.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Yes, a lot of people recommend this as a kind of non-chemical pesticide. The soap creates a environment that the bugs are irritated by and this forces the to move on or in some cases may actually kill them.


Answer by  melissaweiss (71)

Bleach can only be used because it will actually kill the fungus and gnats, soapy water will only delay the growth of them, but will not actually kill it. Use diluted bleach and a cloth to remove.

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