Question by  BenHutchison (23)

Will ozone kill fungus?

I need to know if ozone will kill fungus.


Answer by  Andrea30 (44)

It is possible for ozone to kill types of fungus-those types of fungus that rely on water to survive. It changes water into hydrogen peroxide, which can kill some types of fungus. It can also get rid of smells associated with fungus. Because it can be unstable, ozone should be handled extremely carefully.


Answer by  ScottHorn (232)

Ozone is a highly reactive molecule. It will oxidize many organic compounds, including those that make up the cells of fungi. Ozone will kill nearly any living organism in high enough concentrations. Ozone generators are commonly used for disinfection of large areas as well as odor removal. It is also harmful to human beings.


Answer by  ChemDoc (154)

Probably; extensive molecular damage caused by free radicals (including ozone) should kill most organisms given enough exposure. It could very well damage the host/container (especially plastics).


Answer by  jkellum (21)

Ozone is used in many industrial processes to eliminate bacteria. Ozone is able to do so because it exists as a highly reactive molecule known as a free radical. In this way, it can break down any living organism (including fungi) by destroying the chemical bonds within it.


Answer by  BeautyOfAnarchy (58)

Ozone can not kill fungus. Fungus are living beings, and ozone is O3 oxygen in the sky to say in casual language. Ozone protects us from the negative impact of the sun and radiation.


Answer by  Chem (41)

Some published studies have shown that ozone is indeed a very efficient fungicide (kills fungus). It works on all stages of the fungus (mycelia or spores).

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