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Question by  Michele61 (24)

How do you control fungus in a salt water tank?

I have a hard time keeping fungus from growing in my salt water tank.


Answer by  maragathamk2gmailcom (54)

Most fungal infections are fairly easy to treat. To control the fungus clean, vacuum the substrate and change water. Removed the infected fishes and swab with tincture of iodine and daub the infected area. Then you can just add a salt water fish fungicide and sink the solution with few seconds then return the fish.


Answer by  saravana (31)

The best suggestion which i give is to use some chemical which you can get from a fish fish aquarium Shop or you can live some Blood Sucking Leech which will help in two way one is it will keep the water clean and also eat all the fungus in the water.


Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

Some fungus will grow as a part of the natural balance of healthy tank life. If the fungus or algae because a problem you should try adjusting how you maintain the tank. Try changing the amount of light your tank receives. It may need more or less. Another good option is adding more algae eating life forms to your tank.


Answer by  cmcguire (143)

There are several treatments for fungus at your local fish store which can be used to control fungus in your tank.

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