Question by  kfelicetti (235)

My furnace by Carrier, is humming yet it is not blowing air?

I really need help with my furnace before the weather gets cold.


Answer by  simonsro (65)

The most likely cause is that the blower motor is bad. Your best bet would be to call a qualified service technician to look at it and replace the motor.


Answer by  Lordschild (1398)

If the fan motor is stuck the motor will hum but the fan won't turn until the motor overheats and the temperature regulator for the motor shuts it off. Check to see if the motor can be lubricated or the motor may need to be replaced.


Answer by  joebob31 (622)

It could be an electrical problem with the blower. If you aren't experienced with furnace repair, you should definitely get a professional in.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, this indicates there is a defect in it. It should not be humming loudly. Now a days, you should not hear any sound at all. So therefore, replace it.


Answer by  dumpnrun77 (276)

This is a matter that you would either need a service profesional to deal with or contact the manufacturer of the specific product and see if there were any recalls on the item. Your Furnace is def. not something you would want to try and tackle on your own as a homeowner and can sometimes be illegal.


Answer by  LONGNE (121)

Its possible that the heater is heating up, but the blower isn't kicking in. This could cause the heat strips to overheat. The problem could possibly be caused by a bad thermostat or even a bad blower. I have had a similar problem where a connecter inside the unit burned out causing the bloweer to stop working


Answer by  DD (30)

It's probably the motor start capacitor for the blower motor. You can find them online and they aren't that expensive.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

It sounds like the furnace motor is working but the fan is not and that is easily and quickly changed out.


Answer by  peters (296)

Chances are the fan motor has gone bad. You should have a professional check it out as there are not only the fans, but also relays that could need replaced. A relay would be much preferable as it is much cheaper than the fan unit. Also you are supposed to be licensed to work on HVAC.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

It sounds as if the blower is not working. If you have the installation guide for the furnace there should be a troubleshooting section. If not look for Carrier's phone number online and call them. Usually they will help troubleshoot.

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