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Question by  karthik (70)

What could be causing my mtd mower to run slow?

My MTD mower runs slow.


Answer by  rosslori6 (99)

Many things can cause this symptom. First check your air filter to see if it is clogged. From there move to the fuel system. Be sure the carb is not being restricted by debris. Check your fuel lines for kinks or cracks and make sure the filter is still good.


Answer by  DesertRat (699)

Most likely it's a carburetion problem. Get a spray can of carburetor cleaner at any auto parts store, and clean the carburetor. It may also need adjustment, which can usually be done with just a screwdriver.


Answer by  lawnmowerman (94)

if it hydrostatic check fluid level in hydrostatic transmission. if it is the motor running slow check throttle cable position to make sure it hasnt slipped and not letting your throttle open up.


Answer by  joe26 (12)

the govener that open the carb is bent or not working right so you need to take the top cover off and see if it broke or if it is bent or hanging up on something or dirt got in to it it should look like a plastic pices around the fly wheel

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