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Question by  Jerry (27)

How to raise peacock bass in an aquarium?

I would like to raise a peacock bass in an aquarium.


Answer by  joedizzlempls (13)

Most importantly, you need a huge aquarium with adequate filtration since they can reach almost 30" in length. Tank water should be kept at 80 degrees and they can be fed a diet of live fish, raw fish fillets, or cichlid pellets.


Answer by  tmjr01 (26)

First you will need at least a 70 gallon tank. Peacock bass prefer a gravel or sandy bottom. You should include some larger stones or wood to provide some cover for the fish. These are hardy fish and easy to raise, however they will require regular water changes.


Answer by  pezhead420 (182)

You can start the little guys in a 10 gallon tank, but as they grow large like oscars, it is not recommended to keep them in a tank so small. You need at least 55 gallon tank or larger. Make sure that the tank is covered as Peacocks love to jump and will leap out of the tank.


Answer by  Dpimentel (26)

Peacock bass are very aggressive and need a lot of area because they are territorial. Driftwood pieces allow the fish to feed at higher level so growth is faster. Feed twice a day do not leave feeder fish in the tank this will slow their progression.

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