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Question by  TheRabbit (27)

Can you still buy forever stamps?

I heard the cost of stamps was about to rise again.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

You can purchase "forever stamps" at the USPS branch or online. The Postal Service, which hasn't had a rate hike in two years, will increase rates April 2011.


Answer by  MaTwosey (332)

The Post office sells forever stamps with a photo of the liberty bell. Once purchased, they are always worth the value of the current stamp.


Answer by  fieldofdreams7 (59)

We can still purchase them at our local post office, and I believe they are suppose to always have the stamps for everyone hence there forever stamps.


Answer by  Jenny25525 (708)

You can buy the forever stamps from Ebay. I doubt any other place will have them though. They stopped making them.

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