Question by  mgbat (15)

Can you replace an ipod nano battery?


Answer by  john11 (617)

Yes, the battery can be replaced by you. You have to open the shell by removing the bottom bezel and ,using a small Philips screw driver, unscrew the seen screws. There is also one near the headphone jack. After sliding it open, you will see the battery.


Answer by  Meg45 (55)

You can, but you must do it through the apple store. Apple should charge less than $100. If you look online, some people may offer a cheaper alternative, but that usually entails sending your nano to an unreputable stranger. Your best bet would be to bring it to the apple store and have them change it.


Answer by  Praxite (21)

While you can replace it yourself I would highly recommend getting professional installation. The parts within the nano are very sensitive and would be more costly to attempt to replace yourself than to give the 40 dollars to a local battery shop such as batteries+. If you attempt it yourself soldering is required and you can find directions on google.


Answer by  MikeG (1650)

You cannot open the shell of the Nano without voiding the warranty, in theory it is possible, but the cost of the battery and risk involved for someone who is inexperienced is not worth it. It would be better to send it to Apple direct.


Answer by  kevincai96 (669)

As far as it being possible or not, yes, it is possible. However, it is quite difficult and requires some basic soldering skills. If you know someone who has steady hands and knows how to solder, there you go. Instructions on how can be found on Google easily.


Answer by  JustinH (51)

For as much effort as it takes to replace that type of battery and how cheap there selling them now. I would wait for a deal to break and go buy another one. Alot of customers explained when they did this, the battery charge never lasted as long and came with lots of problems.


Answer by  MikeLegs (75)

Yes you can replace them. But what I would do is probably just have it sent to Apple. The thing with the newer nanos that i have seen is that they are all one unit. So im sure that Apple has a tool to make the electronics of it come out of the top or out of the bottom.


Answer by  Tk74 (37)

iPod Nano batteries can be replaced, but the battery must be special ordered and the process involves opening the casing, desoldering the old battery, and soldering on the new one.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

You can but you will have to an electronics store do it because there are no screws holding it together. They will be able to take it apart and put a new battery in it without breaking it all to pieces.


Answer by  DCLaForce (21)

Those cannot be replaced by the consumer. Best bet is to take the nano to an Apple store or send it to Apple. The replacement fee is approximately $60, but you can find out exact prices at their website.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well on certain model the battery is replaceable. However you can the battery yourself but it will void your factory warranty when you do it.

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