Question by  bandit22 (19)

How do you put videos into second generation iPod nano's?


Answer by  gaf (42)

First, Use a transcoding program such as Super to make the videos into the proper resolution. Then attach the Ipod to your PC and transfer the vids with Itunes.


Answer by  joltflame (49)

You cannot put and view any vidoes on the second generation iPod nanos. This feature only applies to the third generation and the iPod Video.


Answer by  runep (19)

You can transfer videos from your iTunes library by dragging the videos into the iPod. You can only use iTunes as other media players will not recognize the iPod.


Answer by  john7788 (225)

They have to bee converted to mpeg 4 file format. You need a media converter to do that. They all cost money, but you can download trial software. with the trial software, usually they only let you do one or two videos, watermark the videos or give you a week or two of use.


Answer by  shatteredcode (65)

The second generation iPod cannot be hacked due to the newer encryption used by Apple. Unfortunately, there is no way to add videos to the second-gen iPod without hacking it.


Answer by  thorsdecree (409)

2G iPod Nanos do not support video. Any iPod that does support video accepts only MP4 video files. You can use encoding / transcoding software to convert videos to that format. Usually they use the h.264 codec wrapped in MP4 format or M4V.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well I would assume that there is a way to do this using Itunes. Just import them in after converting them to compatible file type then just drag them onto the device. You may also be able to drag the converted file straight to the Ipod's drive in some cases.

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