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Question by  pasty216 (20)

Can you paint baseboard heaters?


Answer by  joebob31 (622)

Yes yu can paint baseboard heaters. I have done it many time myself on my own baseboards. Just make sure to use a metal paint. I use Rustoleum brand. Be careful when painting so you don't drip any on the actual heating pipe. You can remove most of the base board and paint it somewhere else if you like.


Answer by  jordandevers (318)

Yes, However you can't just throw on household paint and expect a good result. To get good results you need to remove the baseboard heaters (After disconnecting electricity) and sand them smooth, then paint them with automobile primer which comes in a aerosol can. The best choice for color would be automobile paint.


Answer by  Gustaw (118)

They are already painted but if you really want you can. But remember about special paint for that. I recommend DTM paints.

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