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Question by  Marinko (19)

Can you install a door alarm on an interior door?


Answer by  Chrissie (266)

A door alarm works by creating a circuit through the doorjamb. When the circuit is interrupted by the door opening, the alarm goes off. So any door, interior or exterior, could have an alarm installed on it. For instance, you sometimes find alarms on interior doors which lead to fire stairs in public buildings.


Answer by  amypie616 (28)

An alarm can be installed on almost any door whether interior or exterior. There are two main choices when deciding what kind of alarm to install, wired or wireless.


Answer by  TMATM (499)

Yes, this can be done just as with exterior door. You can have an alarm that is a part of a central system monitored by an alarm company. Another option is a stand alone alarm that is audible only to people in the immediate area.


Answer by  MarkampMartina (29)

Yes. An electrical circuit can be broken (or completed) by an internal door being opened (or closed) which in turn can be used to activate an alarm.

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