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Question by  lul (25)

What could be wrong with my Toshiba television if it worked prior to my move and is not working now, it has a built in dvd/vcr?

I have tried everything the book says to do to troubleshoot my television.


Answer by  takis (27)

It could've been damaged during the move or a piece might have gotten loose. You could also have damaged cables, try replacing them with new ones. There could also be a problem with the electric outlet, check if other electronics work when plugged in it.


Answer by  TristenMarie (102)

Something may have been jarred during the move. If somebody dropped the TV or if the TV hit something else in transit that could have messed it up.


Answer by  dcornwell (63)

Your television may need to be reprogrammed. Try performing a channel search to see if it will pick up new stations. I would try the vcr or dvd also to see if it is working.


Answer by  stefant (27)

Start with the simple stuff. Is the power cable plugged in all the way? Is the outlet receiving power? Are the batteries in the remote control broken? Is there any external damage? Is the power fuse blown? Then make sure to get down all the symptoms before asking for further help. When you press the power button, what, exactly, happens?


Answer by  fab4fan (25)

The problem is the built in VHS and DVD. The quality of any all in one unit is going to be poor because its too much hardware in too small of an area. Plus you paid a fraction of the price that you would have paid for each individual unit.


Answer by  goodmommie (204)

Have you looked to see if a dvd or vhs tape got stuck inside or is wedged in there. You may have knocked important wires and tubes loose if it was tipped when moving. I would take it to a professional television repair man and he can tell you exactly what is loose.


Answer by  Jason72 (26)

Well, if it was working before the move, and now it isn't, then it was probably damaged in transit. Your TV has lots of small parts inside, and any one of them could have broken or came apart while bouncing around in the back of a moving van. Hope it's still under warranty.

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