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Question by  drenjac (14)

How do I save in visual boy advance?

I have reached my best level in the game and have to go to bed.


Answer by  catewheeler (289)

With this emulator, you can save your game at any point by pressing Shift and F1. You can also go into the "Options" menu and then select "Freeze game state".


Answer by  Spokeys (247)

Just hold shift and the any of the F keys. Then to load it just push whichever of the F keys you used.


Answer by  Hasan72 (572)

To save your game click on file, save and then you click a slot you save your game in. It save the exact location and state of your game.


Answer by  balaji7hills (35)

1. you always use mednafen for GBA, works much better than Visual Boy Advance in Linux. Save states are simple (F5 save, F7 load, number key to select state) 2. In visualboy advance, you can save stat with shift+F1-F9 ( that means you can have up to i save states), and you can load them with F1-F9


Answer by  nixpins (62)

With VBA, you can save in a number of different ways. You can use the onboard SRAM feature, which is analogous to the way saving works on an actual GBA, or you can use save states, which save the exact location and state of your game, from which you can load to come back to it.


Answer by  ZackRoca01 (8)

Visual boy saves can be accomplished by holding the Shift-Control-K all at the same time. You then name your game and can save it for later.

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