Question by  debi (19)

How do I know if my Game Boy Advance SP is under warranty for repair?

I've had it about a year now.


Answer by  bmex (91)

The Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP carries at 12-month warranty from the date of original purchase, not a re-sell date. Due to the age of the system its unlikely any recently purchased consoles would carry a warranty, however Nintendo does offer repair services via their website.


Answer by  GetDark (67)

Take a look at the date of purchase and figure out how long it has been since you purchased the Game Boy Advances SP. Then review the warranty information on the instructions that came with the Game Boy. If you do not still have the instructions (Common; most people throw them away), look on Nintendo's website.


Answer by  jamie119 (12)

still under warranty or u think it is do NOT attempt to make any repairs yourself; Please follow the instructions on Nintendo's official website to see what is covered by the warranty and call then to see if it is also see if you can find you recpit


Answer by  Fulkron (79)

According to on an online copy of the manufacturer's warranty I found for Nintendo products, the warranty only lasts 12 months. You might want to check the documents that came with the system just to make sure, though.


Answer by  kh860 (91)

Its always a good idea to call Nintendo about warranties to be sure, but you can also check the Nintendo website for pricing and limitations on all of their products.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well if you can locate your original warranty car it may state how long it is covered. You could also contact Nintendo to see if they can tell you.

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