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Question by  sundaram (10)

Where can I sell my old game boy games?


Answer by  kh860 (91)

Gameboy advance games can be sold to local game shops such as Gamestop or Gamecrazy, whatever is in your area, where as older games are not accepted. Try Ebay.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well you could try either selling them at your local flea market or pawn shop. Being that those aren't as popular they probably won't be worth much. You can also try selling them online on a site like half or eBay. This might get you more money depending on how popular the game is.


Answer by  Me51 (357)

There's always ebay. If you'd rather sell offline, you could try finding a used games store or local flea market. You need a smaller mom & pop type store because places like EB Games won't take games as old as gameboy. Perhaps your best option is to use craigslist. You'll probably get the best prices selling directly to someone else.


Answer by  Robert90 (155)

You should try on eBay. There are many people who buy things and stuff from there. I think it's the best place for you.

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