Question by  fredmcsheep (51)

Can you give me a recipe for Jello Cake?

It's a one layer cake with holes pokes in it and Jello poured on.


Answer by  leilich (247)

Bake a box cake mix according to directions. Mix 3 ounces of Jell-O with 1 cup of warm water. Make several holes in cake without hitting bottom and pour Jell-O over the finished cake. Choose some fruit to top cake and add whipped cream. Refrigerate until cold. Try spice cake and tangerine, white cake and blueberry, or chocolate and cherry.


Answer by  lovetocook (14)

Using boxed white or yellow cake mix, make cake according to directions. Bake the cake, let the cake cool. Poke holes in the cake. Mix jello according to package directions, but do not chill. Pour jello mixture into the holes of the cake and across the top. Chill until jello is set. Top with whipped topping.


Answer by  muffin (11)

Poke holes with skewer in purchased one-layer cake. Make a package flavored gelatin according to directions. Pour gelatin over cake placed in a rimmed pan and refrigerate till set.


Answer by  Kazekami (197)

make up a white or yellow cake mix. Cool cake. Cook up jello mix. Poke holes into the cake and then pour the jello liquid on. Cool. Serve with Whipcream.

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