Question by  YanksFan (32)

Where can I find instructions on how to have a fun Jello wrestling party?

I need information about equipment, recipes, etc.


Answer by  HerpDerp (91)

Fun jello wrestling parties start with the correct jello concentrate. The jello making in mass amounts is the hardest part of this. You will need a lot of fridge space. Try to use sugar free jeloo to avoid bugs during clean up. Make sure you are inviting hot girls or the party is bust. Get a kiddie pool.


Answer by  cako (17)

If you need instructions on how to have a fun jello wrestling party, I suggest that you go to google. Once you're at , search "jello wrestling party" or "jello wrestling party instructions." Either of those searches will most likely yield pictures, videos, and instructions on how to have a fun jello wrestling party.


Answer by  bgad (10)

Well, you will not find this information on the Jello website. Haha.. You should do a search for this topic. You will probably find a lot of college blogs describing a wild Jello wrestling night! Get a kiddie pool and fill it with jello cups - it's the easiest way.


Answer by  tatiana423 (75)

There're many places online that you can find tips on how to have a jello wrestling party, but the best site that I found was the legendary party ideas site.

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