Question by  rajneesh (18)

Can you collect child support if you are separated but still married?


Answer by  John (9008)

Although the rules for child support vary from state to state, you can generally get child support if you are separated. You will still need a court order, though.


Answer by  barsi05 (42)

Children under the age of 18 still enjoy the benefit of having support from their father even if his parents are separated but remains married.


Answer by  ally12 (40)

Definitely yes, as it is a legal right of every child regardless of the relationship status of his or her parents.But a court order should be secured in order to receive child support.


Answer by  xazurianx (330)

In short: yes, you can collect child support if you and your spouse are married but separated. If one parent or guardian is the primary care provide for the child or children you are eligible to receive child support.


Answer by  debbie80 (161)

The simple answer to this question is yes. Even though you may be separated, whether legally or not, you should still file for child support and at the same time file for custody. Children still need to be provided for financially regardless of whether you are still married or not.


Answer by  tuppyqueen (311)

The laws are different in each and every state. However when I was seperated from my husband and hadn't started divorce proceedings yet, I had custody of my daughter and was able to collect child support. One thing to do is call Child Support Recovery Unit or DHS


Answer by  yarniechick (118)

Yes, most often you would be able to collect child support. Your spouse is still responsible to help care for your children.

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