Question by  Ahab (87)

Can a CT scan miss ovarian cancer?


Answer by  Belle (75)

Occasionally, if improperly done; it's best to get both a CT scan and a PAP Smear and always, always request a second opinion.

posted by Anonymous
A Pap Smear can detect cervical cancer, but not ovarian. It is good to have a Pap done annually, but there are other tests for ovarian cancer.  add a comment

Answer by  RobertDawn (22)

Well it's sad to say but yes, a Ct scan can miss an ovarian cancer (or any other type of) if the cancerous cells are not enough to be a mass that can be seen, usually 5 mm.


Answer by  Simsim (69)

No, CT scans are meant to check the organ sectionally, and are used as a standrad testing for cancer. The latest scanning is however a PET CT Scan


Answer by  mansi (521)

If it's large enough to be seen, then ovarian cancer could be detected from a full body ct scan. But PET scan would be a better alternative. You don't need to go through so much radiation to check for an ovarian cancer, a simple ultrasound can detect masses.

posted by Anonymous
I believe the best ultra sound to detect ovarian cancer is a trans-vaginal.  add a comment
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