Question by  Belle (75)

Can I use time-release niacin to pass a drug test?


Answer by  pamela (63)

of course, you can use time-realease niacin to pass a drug test but it can do you no good. much better stop using drugs drink plenty of fluids, i mean a lot of water and exercise your body so you won't find any trouble in passing a drug test.


Answer by  amberjusm (306)

There have been no proven studies that Niacin helps you pass your drug tests, and I especially wouldn't trust time released Niacin. Word to the wise, Niacin makes you turn red and itch, so it's really not worth the "possibility" of a pass on your drug test, you'd be better off trying to flush your system.


Answer by  sjhomer (30)

although alot of people believe you can, the truth is no. all that time-release niacin will do is make you itchy and red (i know). the best way to pass a drug test is just not do drugs for two and a half to four weeks depending on body fat percent, the drug, and frequency of use.


Answer by  P32nicky (73)

No. You will not pass the drug test and you can do some permanent physical damage to your body. It may make you pee alot, but your pee will still not be completely clean. The best way to pass a drug test to use synthetic urine.


Answer by  aearthdragon (471)

No you cannot use a time-release niacin to pass drug tests. The only thing you can do that works; is to be not take drugs before you take your test. The requried time to get them out your system can vary according to the drug some last up to a week.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

Time released Niacin can help you when it comes to having to pass a drug screening test, though this method works many people don't understand the effects or panic and take too many pills. Niacin is very deadly if taken by someone who isn't thinking. You don't need more than 1 to pass your test.


Answer by  Anonymous

I'm getting tested in 7-10 days. Sober for 3 weeks,then smoked less than 5 dollars over a 2 day period. If i take 250mg of 'TimeReleased' Niacin every day, drink 8-10 cups of water a day, and run 1mile a day. Will i most-likely pass an "on-core' thc test kit?

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