Question by  marwa41 (20)

Can you test positive for second hand smoke from marijuana use?

My brother smokes marijuana around me all the time, I am having a drug test soon.


Answer by  shane35 (33)

Smoking marijuana and the second hand smoke will come up differently on a drug test. The amount of marijuana in your system greatly differs. Smoking will have large amounts of the chemical to make the drug test positive to where as second had will have little to no traces of the chemical.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

Second hand marijuana smoke is just as bad if not worse than cigarette second hand smoke. You more than likely will test positive and it can also damage your body. Ask your brother to go elsewhere and remind him that what he is doing is not only illegal but damaging. If he won't leave then you should!


Answer by  weeonelb (358)

Yes, you can test positive for secondhand marijuana smoke. It mostly depends on the test and its sensitivity levels though. I'm assuming you will probably be taking a urine test, it still may detect the marijuana, so drink a lot of cranberry juice to be safe.

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